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Thank you for your interest in the PIC news server. This is an authenticating news server, and only people with permission are allowed on, which helps prevent spam, off-topic posts, etc. If you wish to request access, fill out the following form. It will mail a request to me, which I will then process, so please be patient as it may take up to 24 hours to complete (but usually not).

Also, please note that the username and password you request will be CASE-SENSITIVE. These will only be used by you to login to the server and will not show up in any posts you make, so they don't have to be words that make sense-- just so you can remember them. No spaces are allowed, and try to keep it between 6 and 15 characters.

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Requested password:

To access the news server, set the news server in your newsreader to and enter your login and password when prompted. (If you're using News/LX, you will have to enter your login and password in the configuration file.) The current list of public groups is: For testing to see if you are doing things right. :)

hp200.general: General palmtop-related conversations and questions. Palmtop software questions and discussions.

hp200.hardware: Palmtop hardware questions and discussions.

hp200.vendors: Questions to and statements by palmtop vendors.

hp200.programmers: Discussions on programming for and on the palmtop.

hp200.programmers.asg: Headquarters for the Advanced Software Group's 200LX project.

hp200.fireside: Anything goes. Discussion of scientific use of palmtops.

hp200.medical: Discussion of use of palmtops in medical profession or medical school.

hp200.relig.*: Specific groups for discussing religious-oriented palmtop use, applications, or projects.

hp200.advocacy: For convincing people of the 200LX's superiority. Flame wars are allowed here.

hp200.newbies: For new 200LX users to ask questions which will be answered by experts.

hp200.minix: Discussions related to Minix on the palmtop.

wince.hardware: Discussions of WinCE hardware, peripherals, and upgrades.

wince.fireside: Anything goes.

wince.general: Discussions of WinCE-based palmtops. Discussions of WinCE software.

wince.programmers: Discussions of WinCE programming.

wince.recovery: For people who have quit using WinCE, or want to.

cyberspace.genesis: For discussing Andreas Garzotto's intriguing cyberspace project.

list.hplx: A complete mirror of postings to the HPLX-L mailing list.

Suggestions for new groups are welcome; mail to make suggestions or request a new group. (Or if you forget your username and password.)

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Last Updated May 9, 1999